Monday, January 18, 2010

Still Bananas

After making the banana birthday cake I still had a few bananas leftover that were about to expire, and needed to whip up something that would utilize them up. I was curious what would happen if I added bananas to my favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe.

I added an additional half cup of flour to the recipe, because I knew the bananas would create more moisture. After baking the cookies they were much softer (the cookies were definitely cake-like!! ) than I expected and due to the bananas they spread during the baking process. I was a little disappointed, but decided to get creative. I whipped up. They were YUM-O (the funny thing is I am not a huge banana eater…LOL).

(They almost look like Macarons)

I am learning the best mistakes can taste super yummy!

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Miss Dot said...

Ohhh aren't mistakes the best way to find out new recipes? Love it. I'm so into your new banana craze. I really, really wish we had some bananas right about now because bananas and chocolate are freaking AWESOME.