Thursday, July 8, 2010

Cupcake Wars Season 2

So, I am still freaking out a little bit but wanted to share my exciting news. Yesterday I came across a blog posts about casting for Season 2 Cupcake Wars. I’ve watched the show, and talked much trash about how AWESOME I would be on this show. So I took caution to the wind and sent in my information.

Literally about an hour later, I see some strange number on my cell phone and a voice message. It was the FREAKING casting director from Cupcake Wars. She liked my email and liked the pictures I sent (I mean who could resist this face…LOL) and wanted to chat more about the process. So, I literally almost run off the road and start screaming in the car. (Imagine this scene from onlookers driving by)

I called her back and we talked for about 20 mins, she asked me a ton of questions about Dollface and why I started baking and my business. She said she really liked me, thought I was absolutely adorable and had a great personality. (I’m not making this stuff up people) The next step is to film a short video for the producers of the show so they can see why I should be picked for the show.

Yes…I am still Freaking out!!! So, right now I am in stage 2 of casting and will keep you updated. I have to film my video over the weekend and will posts it on Youtube. I will share the link so you can get a good laugh…LOL!!

I would appreciate your blessings, wishes, magical fairy dust, rain dances…this would be more than a dream come true for me!!

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bananas. said...

WHATTTTT!!! how awesome! i hope you get it lady. i've been dying to see a blogger go hollywood ;)

btw you were the only one today who actually watched that episode of lockup. i was DYING over the straight girl gone gay. the episode name was based on was called daddy's girl. HA!