Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Butter Cookies

My journey into culinary school has begun and so far it’s more exciting than I could have dreamt. I am loving every part of it even wearing my “fancy” uniform each day. We are learning methods versus just recipes, which is really cool.

Last Friday we started baking doing chocolate chip cookies. This was my first time every scaling (weighing them) my ingredients. I thought it was going to be really complicated but it was actually quite easy, and I think I like it better than the traditional method most cooks use. The cookies were very easy to make and we hand mixed everything. This allowed us to get a feel for how the product should actually feel, but it came together really easy.

We used Callets in our cookies which are basically a chocolate morsel, but it’s made with real cocoa butter, unlike the ones we normally buy from the grocery store, which is almost like an imitation chocolate. They melt much better than Hershey's or Nestle chips. They made a HUGE difference in the taste of our cookie, but those Callets are very expensive. I didn’t get a photo of my chocolate cookies, but we will make them again on Thursday for our practical so I will snap a few then.

Last night we made three cookies.

The Strassburger cookies( a traditional butter cookie) with strawberry baker’s jam

The Brysselkex (a Sable cookie) - Which we turned into checkboards.

Biscotti (twice baked cookie) - They were flavored with orange zest and almonds.

Tonight were are working on a fruit tart and some other goodies, so stay tuned for my info!!

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