Friday, December 11, 2009

Christmas List

I’ve been on a slight Baking Break (I know crazy!!), but I am finishing up my winter classes (for those who didn’t know along with building my Dessert Empire, I am also completing a graduate degree) and thought I would take a few weeks to re-strategize my game plan. I have some huge plans for DollFace Delights in 2010 and I can’t wait to implement them.

With the Holidays chugging along, I’ve been asked by several people what I want for Christmas. Now, I will be honest I am the type of person who hates to wait (I was not born with patience) so when I want something if I have the means to get it, I just get it! So, it’s been kind of hard thinking of Christmas gifts for others to get me, but came up with a few. Of course, they are all baking related…LOL!!

1. Williams-Sonoma Goldtouch™ Sandwich Cookie Cake Pans

2. Pot Luck Studios Flirt Ruffle Cake Stand

3. Bake it Pretty’s Retro Cake Dollies in Red and White Polka Dots

4. AmyVille Cupcake Cake Pan Necklace

5. BoojiBoo half apron ( I have several of the full length ones, plus you can never have too many aprons!!)

But more than anything, just being with the one’s I love is the most important gift anyone can give me (fingers crossed my parents will be coming this year to visit me in Texas).

Whats on your Christmas list?


Paris Pastry said...

OMG, those Sandwich Cookie Cake Pans are the cutest thing ever!!! I wish Santa would give me those.

Great blog! Have a good weekend!

Miss Dot said...

I have never seen those sandwich cookie can pans!! I agree with Paris, those are so cute! I love your whole list, though. Especially those doilies... Let's see... [copy] aaaaaand [paste]. Christmas list done!

Joanna said...

I have the William Sonoma Cookie Pan! It is so much fun. But word to the not flour and grease. Only grease. I hope you get everything on your wish list.

Erika from The Pastry Chef At Home said...

I MUST have that Cake Pan necklace. So cute! Happpy Holidays! :)

Jenn Erickson said...

I hope you got everything on your wish list this year! I absolutely adore that cookie cake pan! I've never seen that one before! What a perfect gift! I now know what I'm getting my daughter for her birthday! You're the best!