Monday, December 7, 2009

Cupcake Toppers

I love cupcake toppers!! Cupcakes are amazing little bites of heaven and cupcake toppers allow you to dress them up to make them even more special, plus you can create cupcake toppers out of just about anything, all you need are some fun images, glue and sticks.

Well when I came across these toppers I knew you guys would love them so in honor of Miss Dots “Mustache Mondays”, I introduce Mustache Cupcake toppers courtesy of Elise's blog (which is another amazing blog, that is worth checking out)

Click here to print


Ash said...

Oh my!! I must say I do love these!!
So fun!!

Miss Dot said...

You are mustache-tacular!! How did you get to be so awesome?!

Holly said...

Haha! Those are pretty cute. I've been trying to get my man to grow a mustache, but he's opposed to the idea lol.