Monday, January 11, 2010

Cupcake Love!

Not only do I love baking cupcakes, I love collecting cupcake stuff (along with Hello Kitty). In the last year, I've felt compelled to buy it anything cupcake related. When I saw these two cuties I had to make them part of my growing collection.

I got the this amazing cupcake cookie jar from an Ebay seller after seeing it on someone's blog. It was pretty good size, so I can't wait to stuff it with tons of sweets...maybe I will make some cupcake cookies to put in there.

The tissue paper and notepad came from Target. They have the best cupcake stuff there, and I love the fact that most of it is in their dollar bin.

I bought some more cupcake stuff from Target a few weeks back. Check it out here. I would love to see other people's cupcake stuff, so link me up so I can check it out!


Paris Pastry said...

I love the cupcake-cookie jar! Love how it has three types of frostings!

Joanna said...

I absolutely love your blog and have nominated it for The Sunshine Award. :)

Miss Dot said...

Holy cow!! I GOT THAT CUPCAKE JAR FOR CHRISTMAS!!! Isn't it fantastic?!?! Yay!! We both have cupcake jars!! WOOHOO!!

Clau! said...

nice cupcake stuff ;)

Erika from The Pastry Chef At Home said...

I thought I had managed to control my Hello Kitty obsession...but no. Will I be developing a cupcake stuff obsession too? Thanks a lot! :)

ps: you need to see the supercut cupcake ring I wrote about on my blog last week!