Monday, July 16, 2012

S'Mores Pie

In culinary school one of the staples that is etched into your memory is how to make pastry cream.  Pastry cream is a basic component that any pastry chef should know how to make on a whim, this stuff uses simple ingredients, but just like ice cream you can add all tops of fun things to it, to jazz it up.  A splash of coconut milk and you have coconut cream, want to make a fancy banana pudding, mash in some bananas and Viola you got yourself an A+ dessert. 

Looking for something simple to throw together I made a simple pastry cream and whipped in some lovely melted dark chocolate and made the most amazing chocolate cream pie.  Filled it into a graham cracker crust and topped it off with toasted meringue and the S’mores pie was born. 

One thing I didn't do before starting my pie making, was to check all my supplies and tools.  I had recently purchased a mini blow torch that I was super excited to test out so I started to piped the meringue on the top with a Wilton 1M tip, then got ready to torch that bad boy and realized I didn't have any lighter fluid.  So I improvised and slide it into the oven on the broiler setting to get it all nice and toasty.  

(NOTE: Sorry it should be 2 CUPS of Whole Milk)