Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Prizes!

So after the success of the first Chic Cupcake Challenge we’ve decided we will plan another one around Christmas time. Well I wanted to list the prizes to give everyone motivation to enter the next contest and also let the winner get a tease of what their waiting for. These are just the DollFace prizes the winner will also receive prizes from Rhiannon at Pink Sugar Desserts.

The price package includes:

1. Amazing Vintage Style Yellow Daisy Apron with Matching Oven Mitt and Pot Holder
2. Cupcake Cosmetic Case
3. Cake Starter Kit (includes, tips, piping bag, frosting smoother and cake leveler)
4. Cupcake Creations Kit (includes, pink silicon cupcake pan, cupcake cookbook, piping bag and tips)
5. Re-usable cake stencils
6. Reusable cake dollies (These are so neat, they come in different themes, like hearts)

(How cute is this apron set!!!)

It was so much fun buying the prizes and I can’t wait to do shopping for the next contest. I really hope that we can get more people to participate….THAT MEANS YOU!!!


Miss Dot said...

!!!! Are you kidding me?! How am I supposed to sit still and wait for these to come in?! Erica this makes my day! I'm so excited!!

Rook No. 17 said...

Hey there sweet lady, great stuff and fun contest! I know I didn't win, but was still curious to hear the results since I enjoyed reading everyone's recipes, getting to know them through their blogs, and followed the polls. Have the results been posted?

Amanda said...

Just tell me where to sign up!!